• We are a manufacturer of composite hose located in Buffalo,
    New York.
  • We are the manufacturer, we are not an
    importer or a large composite distributor of some other
    manufacturers’ brand of hose.
  • We specialize in composite hose and composite
    hose assemblies.
  • We do not sell other types of hose or hose
  • We provide fast service, excellent quality,
    and very competitive pricing to fabricators and distributors
    of composite hose.
  • We have no minimum order quantity.
  • We primarily sell to two types of distributors:
    1. Distributors who purchase coupled assemblies
    2. Distributors who purchase bulk hose and fittings to
      do their own assemblies.
  • We do not sell to distributor’s customers

Our Team

Newell Kraik – The president and owner of Peraflex
hose. Newell is responsible for research and developement
and marketing.

Lisa Tantillo – Lisa is the office manager at Peraflex
hose. She handles all of the telephone calls that come into
the office. Lisa is also the accountant at Peraflex and
is responsible for the receivables and payables.

Mark Montgomery – Markis the sales manager at Peraflex
Hose. Mark spends a lot of his time travelling and seeing
customers. He is regularly available for sales assistance,
training and joint end user visits.