At Peraflex, we have what you want and can supply it when you need it! Whatever the application, wherever you may be, Peraflex is prepared to supply a factory tested and certified custom hose assembly ready for dispatch within a few days – in the same time it takes to receive bulk hose.

Peraflex hose is 100% North American made. In our own factory in Buffalo, New York, we manufacture our unique tubular design composite hose and our own end fittings. Peraflex end connection tailpiece, ferrule and seal are designed specifically to engage perfectly with each Peraflex hose. Our specialized manufacturing process assures conformity and consistent unity every assembly. Repeat-ability is key to reliability and safety.

Peraflex Factory Certified Composite Hose Assemblies Are:

— Safe and reliable
— Super flexible, kink resistant and fatigue free
— Leak and permeation free
— Will not catastrophically fail
— Do not age or weather


We can supply a standard or complex composite hose assembly in most sizes. Please call and inquire.