At Peraflex Hose we use a three letter code system that is easy
to use and accurately describes each style of hose. The following
is an explanation of the three letter code of our most popular

Example: PGP Hose

1st letter = Internal wire of hose
Example: P = polypropylene coated galvanized wire

2nd letter = External wire of hose
Example: G = Galvanized external wire of hose

3rd letter = Internal bore of hose (the inner tube of the hose)
Example: P = Polypropylene tubes

Wires Available

P = Polypropylene coated galvanized wire
G = Galvanized wire
S = Stainless Steel wire
A = Aluminum wire
R = solid Polypropylene Rod

Inner Bore Materials

P = Polypropylene
T = Teflon
N = Nylon
O = Polyester
U = Urethane
E = Polyethylene
+ = 10 mil thick