• Composite hose is used in all types of applications.
  • The primary reasons for its popularity and use are:
    1. Flexibility
    2. Safety
    3. Chemical resistance
    1. Flexibility

      More flexible than most  other hose types

The many layers of plastic that are used in the construction
of a composite hose are not glued or sealed together. As a result,
when composite hose is moved or bent, the layers slide
upon the other layers giving ease of bending and an excellent
bend radius.

  1. Saftey
    Composite hoses are designed to be “fail safe”.
    There are basically 2 areas on a that can fail:

    a) The Hose
    Because of the many layers of tubes and films that make up a composite
    hose, there is not a direct leak path for liquid to follow. For
    a leak to occure, liquid must surpentine its way through the
    many layers of the hose until it reaches the outer cover. Once
    the liquid reaches the outer cover, small drops will form along
    the seam line indicating that a leak is occurring.
    In other types of hose, leaks are usually more catastrophic.
    It is possible for the wall of the hose to rupture, without
    any warning, and create a large scale failure in the hose.

    b) The End Fitting

    The end fittings on composite hose are specifically designed
    to be “fail safe” and reduce the chance of a fitting
    blowing off the end of the hose.
    Composite hose fittings have a spiral shank or tail piece that
    actually screws into the composite hose. For the end
    fitting to blow out of the hose it has to be unscrewed from
    the hose. The screwed in end fitting in combination with the
    swaged on ferrule make this type of coupling one of the
    safest to use.

  2. Chemical Resistance
    Composite hoses are most commonly used in the transfer of chemicals.
    With the bore of the hose made from wide varieties of plastics
    including polyproylene, Teflon and nylon most common chemicals
    can be accommodated by the many different styles of composite
    hose available.
  3. Summary

    The large variety of chemicals that can be handled with composite
    hose in combination with the great flexibility, high safety
    factors, and “safe failing” designs all add up to
    make this a very versatile hose for the industrial market place.